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 Return to Montreal!

I was invited to join the River's Edge Gospel Choir for a few songs at their Year End concert this year! Man, it was a blast, and I sold all of the first edition of our new CD; which we are now in the process of getting ready for fall! Thank-you to all who purchased one, and you can find out the info on the 'MUSIC' page on the site.  A big thank-you to choir director Ruben for making me a part of it, as well as all the staff and my friends at River's Edge Community Church in Montreal; and especially including Jon and Beth Weaver for hosting me on the trip!  Look for another live 'Rock/Gospel' Collaboration Concert again soon!!!!




5/13 - Introducing the Josh Gilbert Band on 95.7 TheChoice FM!


4/13 - Canada/Midwest For Easter & Domestic Violence Center Benefit  

Just returned from another tour up the midwest and into Toronto for Easter.  It was great to see me friends and to take a part in the Mosaic Toronto startup/event.  Looking forward to returning to Montreal this year in June! Also loved connecting with many new friends in Louisville, KY; Cincinnati, OH; Detroit, MI, as well as Pastors Alvin & Latoya in Rockford, IL, you guys were amazing!

I also was priviliged to take part in a Benefit Concert for the Cleveland Family Violence Center - for Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault awareness Month.  The Concert was hosted at The Salvation Army's Inman St. Coffeehouse, look forward to working with them in the future as well!  




3/13 - Celebrating the loss of 40lbs with New Promo Pics & the 're-formation' of the new Josh Gilbert Band!!!

So I lost around 40 pounds and counting since a year ago or so, since I've changed my eating habits a bit (thanks also to my wife Jennifer) :-)  I am also priviliged to be connected with a very talented gentleman by the name of Samuel Burns who did some new 'solo' Promo pictures!  (there are more on my facebook page, etc...)



Also, meet the official members of the Josh Gilbert Band! You may recognize a couple of them from when we used to tour as "Jettison Never".  We are totally a musical family band!  (below from left) There's Casey Bryant (brother-in-law) on electric guitars; Matt Gilbert (my brother) on bass and keys - etc...; and Ben Phillips (our cousin) on drums. We also were thrilled to be invited to perform on Atlanta Live, with hosts Rick & Tanya; we really appreciate the support and the opportunity!  Look for official promo Band pictures, as well as the live video from the show soon.





1/22/13 - Download the New Single "HAVE NO DOUBT" for South Africa!

Introducing the New Single/Remix Track, "HAVE NO DOUBT", by Josh Gilbert featuring music by Lucas McManus

Available Now Exclusively through VOXTROPOLIS!                  Preview the song on REVERBNATION


The Proceeds from the song will help fund the 'DEEP SOUTH TOUR', featuring Josh Gilbert & Lucas McManus

Cities include Johannesburg, Cape Town, TBA in SOUTH AFRICA




11/25/12 - LIVE DVD PREVIEW featuring "By My Side"

JOSH GILBERT LIVE at The Camp House, in Chattanooga, TN. Produced by Jon Ginese. 






I had a blast hosting my first VOX Chattanooga at Barking Legs Theater, here in town on Novebmer 8th!  We raised enough money for all the Chatt. Rec Center Kids for Art Supplies in 2013.  For more info about VOX Chattanooga, visit  or





I am happy to have had the chance to return to perform in Canada again this year!  My brother, Matt Gilbert came along to showcase his great voice, and multi-instrumentalist skills - on bass, keys, etc....2 Shows in Toronto, for VOX Uxbridge and VOX Toronto; 3 performances at River's Edge and VOX Montreal with my good friends Chris and Damaso; and a show in Sherbrooke (eastern Quebec) for VOX Sherbrooke!  It was so much fun, and it was great to see everyone again!

There's more  LIVE VIDEO from Canada Performances at:




9/29/12 - IMN 2012 CONFERENCE, Detroit, MI

Hello again, Mo-Town! I had a blast as Guest Musician to Detroit, MI for the IMN 2012 Conference! Everyone is such an inspiration.

For more info visit:






I am pleased to announce that my next Full Band show will be recorded LIVE for a Promo, as well as a DVD at The Camp House, on Sat., July 21, 2012 - - where we will have an audio recording of the set along with a multiple camera shoot of the performance!  I am so excited and thankful for the opportunity, and am pleased to be playing with such fantastic musicians and a great production team!  Stay tuned for announcements about the Video and where/when you can get the DVD later this year!

For more details about the show and tickets click on the 'TOUR DATES' link on the top of the page!




I am excited for 4th of July, and this year I will be headlining a 'duo' acoustic set at Mountain Park, GA's "4th In The Park Festival"!  My brother will be joining on keys/drums/vocals, as well as some other artists in the beautiful lake-front park in Mountain Park, GA (near Roswell).   For more details click on the 'TOUR DATES' link on the top of the page!



5/02/2012 - BACK FROM CANADA!

What a long road it's been from 'The States' as they call it up north to Canada and then back again!  I have had an incredible experience, and such a warm welcome from people who really and truly respect original music!  I sold around a hundred CD's in my whirlwind international 'weekend' trip, thanks to all who supported me in this effort!  And special thanks to the Markov family for hosting me in Barrie; my friend Patrick; Paul and his family for being such gracious hosts; thanks to my good friends Chris for hosting me as well and he and Damaso for performing with me as a back-up band.  You all are incredible, and so encouraging, and to all my new friends it was such an honor to meet you all!




I am pleased to announce my first International Tour to Canada at the end of the month! The solo trip will include Barrie, Ontario (@VOX Barrie Event), and Montreal, Quebec (@River's Edge, Mosaique, & headlining @VOX Montreal Event) as well as a performance at The National Underground in NYC.  I am so excited and looking forward to seeing some of my Canadian friends I already have, as well as meeting new ones!  For more details click on the 'TOUR DATES' link on the top of the page!




Josh Gilbert's New Album, "THE NETHER ROAD" is now available ONLINE!

Click the link below to download, and spread the word!


Josh Gilbert will debut a new band for his Album Release Party, LIVE in Chattanooga, TN;

Saturday, February 18th at THE CAMP HOUSE, 1427 Williams St., Chattanooga, TN  for more info:

Special Design for Physical Copies by Matt Gilbert


12/2011 - THE NETHER ROAD Full-Length Digital Album COMING SOON ONLINE!

Josh Gilbert's new Album, The Nether Road, is coming soon for Digital Download; keep up with Josh Gilbert, and his Full-Band Showcase by joining the email list!




Check out the new EP from Josh Gilbert available now for download on Bandcamp!


10/18/11 -"Live Tracks & Acoustic Sessions" EP FREE DOWNLOAD on 11/11/11!
"Live Tracks & Acoustic Sessions" will be available for Download on 11/11/11, stay tuned for the link and info on that (with additional tracks, etc..). I'll be doing a small Release Party at Mosaic Arts Venue (in the Mosaic Gallery) in Chattanooga, TN - check out the show schedule for more info!

10/14/11 -Hosting Mosaic Gallery's First 'Acoustic' Night
Had a fantastic first night at a Local Chattanooga Gallery, Mosaic Gallery, a lot of great musicians ( I'll be hosting the next one, and releasing my EP for download on 11/11/11, stay tuned!

10/8/11 -The Half Hearts
Great playing with my Minneapolis friends, The Half Hearts, in Atlanta last night! Had a blast catching up with you guys - whom I've toured a good amount of the Midwest with. Check them out:

9/30/11 -Back From Detroit
Wow, what a journey up to MoTown this year. Performed for a big crowd at The IMN 2011 Conference in Detroit, MI and enjoyed it immensely. Thanks to all who made it possible, including the man behind everything, my friend Alex McManus!
The experience was unforgettable and I enjoyed performing, and the amenities that come with such a 'high-class' gig (not like the old touring days of camping out in a van) - like 'comped' meals and hotel rooms [:)]
But not all of it was a joyride! Special thanks to my crew - who squished with me for the ride in a tiny CRV - Matthew Gilbert, Tabitha Cox, Jeremy Brogdon, and my wife Jennifer...... (both of the women pregnant, mind you) All of you were troopers!
Stay tuned for more

9/20/11 -NEW FULL-LENGTH ALBUM COMING January 2012!
I am pleased to announce I have just finished a New Album's worth of songs; the Album will be released digitally in 2012, so stay tuned!